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Streaming across social media and customized webpage. Web conferencing and Video Conferencing Solutions across world.

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Broadcast Zoom Call to Audience Across the World
Increase in Zoom Calls these days and people with restriction on travel and crowding, our bespoke webcasting solution can broadcast your zoom meeing room .
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Highly Customize Streaming Webpage

Provide your sponsor or event a look of live event with branding. We customize streaming page branding for your event or webinar.

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WebConference + Webcasting Solution
Don’t restrict the presentations and discussion among limited viewers , get connected with our unique webconference and webcasting solution and reach to multiple audiences across world.
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Our Live streaming products

HD Live Streaming

Start your broadcasting from anywhere in just few minutes to your website or social network. We offer ads free , CDN Hosting , HTML5 IOS and Android Supportive streaming capability. We provide media player code which you can embed just like any other youtube video in your Event or Company Website. We also provide a customized theme oriented HD Live Streaming page with sponsor logo so that you can monetize your event. Our Platform is being used by country top level brands and events to stream their Corporate Meetings, Live Seminars, Webinars, Audience Polling, Medical Q& A , Quiz Competition etc. We provide cost effective and Professional HD Live Streaming Solution.

Video Conferencing

We provide Video Conference Solutions of brands like Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize , WebEx , Zoom and Panasonic across India and rest part of the world. We have been providing Video Conference Solutions from decade now to many of the Government, Corporate and Healthcare Programs. We have been known for our Quality , Professional and Sound Technical knowledge on Two Way Communication Technology across India. If you have Web Conferencing and looking for Video Conferencing Setup for your conference Hall. We are providing Logitech video conferencing solution for small and big conference rooms.

Web Conference + Webcasting

During the current time when people have restrictions to travel, everyone is looking for solution to connect their presenter, marketing team or board member in single platform and just make it Global to the audience across social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube , LinkedIn and Instagram. We provide Webcasting Page available to audiences with Branding Registration Page. You can now get the ROI for your event webcasting in just a single report. We provide easy to use platform for Doctors to connect through conferencing and our best in class webcasting platform webcast it for 5000 audiences at a time in a cost effective way.

About Live Streaming HD is a Streaming Industry Leader from decades now. Get your Live Studio Ready and Start Webcasting within seconds.

LivestreamingHD have been providing professional Webcasting and Web Conferencing Solutions for Organizations across World. We provide Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope Streaming which is responsive for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet view. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the events has got postponed or got cancelled. During this time, we have brought a solution wherein the Presenters can get connected through our Virtual Room Solution and the interaction or live presentation can be done live webcasting to your audiences around the globe.

Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time. This is a process of broadcasting real time data to the audience who cannot attend the event or else they are in a remote place. services encompass a wide variety of topics, from events streaming in social media to video games to professional sports.

HD Live Streaming Services


These are just few of the wide variety of our bespoke streaming solution which we provide for events of any scale in India and Worldwide. If you didn’t find what you are looking for you, give us a call.

Live Streaming with Video Mixer

Live Event Streaming solution with Video Mixer, single HDMI output to our Encoder and Live Streaming Software and there you go live.

Live Streaming with Video Camera

Now a days 4K video cameras are available, we understand Hybrid Event Needs wherein limited audience and Limited AV equipment requirement and streaming enhance the reach of your audiences.

Live Streaming with Zoom

Due to the popularity of Zoom Video Conferencing across Schools, Offices, Medical professions, Webinars etc we have integrated our HD Live Streaming Solution + Zoom. Now Zoom Room Sessions available for audiences across Globe.

Live Streaming&Webconferencing

We provide Web Conferencing Solution peer to peer which is integrated with HD Live Streaming. Moderator can create presenter and invite Audiences and Presenter in single platform.

Streaming on Social Media

If you are company with millions of followers on social media, then streaming on social can bring lot of audiences and hence can increase your ROI at multiple times.

Virtual Events Streaming

Due to current pandemic situation, people are moving towards Virtual Events Platform wherein you have the limitation to connect your audience in Conferencing. Now Webcast your Virtual Event and increase your Audiences.

Live Streaming with Q&A, Polling

Live Streaming is much more powerful with options like Live Polling and Q&A Plugins in the webpage. Audience can ask questions to Moderator and Moderator can present to Host or Presenter. Live Polling / Survey at the end of the event provides valuable response of your audiences.

LiveU/Yolo–Live Web streaming for All

If you are looking to have your own Live Streaming Solution , Live U Solo is for you. It has same live broadcast technology which Global Television used and we provide you power of social media streaming with just a click from the LiveU Solo wireless streaming encoder

Virtual Live Surgery Broadcasting

LiveStreamingHD.NET provides you all the tool and solution required to conduct HD Live Surgery Broadcasting in a virtual and live environment. Our bespoke broadcasting is getting used as a training tool for upcoming surgeons and other medical professionals.

Leading Webcasting Live Streaming Service Provider in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Orissa, Chandigarh and Other Parts of India and Globe.

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Virtual Event Studio
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Virtual Bridge Webcasting
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Live Surgery Broadcasting
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Recorder On Demand Studio
HD Streaming

Live Internet Streaming

Our powerful and leading HD Live Streaming Solution present across the world provides you the power to stream online for Product Launch, Townhall Meetings, Seminars, Quiz, Conferences, Sports Live, House Of Worship programs, Honorable PM Speech, Virtual Education Delivery and all this with the powerful Internet Technology. We provide combine package of INTERNET + LIVE INTERNET STREAMING.

HD Streaming

Live Intranet Streaming

We at LiveStreaming HD understands our customer communication protocol and security mechanism and hence provide Intranet Capabilities within the Organization with the power of Live Intranet Streaming Solution with plugin like Live Chat, Live Polls , Q&A etc. Your internal Employee communication keep it confidential with our best HD Live Streaming Solution.

HD Streaming

HD Video Conferencing

We provide HD Video Conferencing Equipment of brands like Cisco, Polycom, Panasonic etc on flexible rental duration of one day, a month or a year. We provide technical support and complete conferencing solution with Internet to provide the power of two way communication for our Client Meetings, Live Surgery Broadcasting, Corporate Communication, Honorable PM Meet etc.

HD Streaming

Web Conferencing

We understand the importance of cloud environment and the security mechanism it provides which leads to many of the Organizations to opt for Web Conferencing. It saves down the cost to extreme and empower organization to connect face to face with just a Laptop, Webcam and Good Headset.

HD Streaming

Hybrid Event Streaming

We provide 360- Degrees Video Streaming Solution for our clients. Due to the current pandemic where travel and crowding is difficult for businesses. Power of Hybrid Event with 360-degree visual tour to the Audiences makes them the feel of being present in the event without any further cost. This state of art technology is very much useful for HD Live Surgery Broadcasting and Product Launch.

HD Streaming

Live Aerial Streaming

With the usage of drones in the current era it becomes easier to capture those moments and areas which can get missed from the human capturing cameras. We provide professional Drones shooting along with Live Aerial Streaming which again enhance the power of reach to the world.

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live streaming cameras

HD LIVE STREAMING, WEBCASTING AND WEB CONFERENCING – PAN INDIA, EUROPE AND WORLDWIDE. provides the flexibility of coverage from a single, multi camera using video switcher. We also provide production hardware, encoder and also streaming software with picture to picture integration that enables presentation along with conferencing in all in one webcasting platform. We provide customized page design with event branding and sponsor logo.

Our all in one virtual studio provides Video Bridge, Dedicated Streaming Page, Branding Webcasting Page, Live Chat Integration, Live Polls, and Streaming on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc.